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What is an accumulator bet?

What is an accumulator bet

An accumulator bet is a bet made up of multiple selections that make up one bet. To create an acca you must have more than 3 selections. In order to win your return all selections must come in the way you selected. Multiple selections from one game would not be classed as an accumulator instead would be a same game multiple which is a different type of bet.

Accumulator betting has become very popular in the UK and around the world in the last 20 years, particularly in sports such as football. It has become a common phrase in the pubs and betting shops of the UK to refer to the “acca” that you’ve got lined up for the weekend’s fixtures, and these bets have become something of a ritual for those who have an interest in football.

How does an accumulator bet work?

An accumulator is a bet that combines multiple selections into a single bet that only gains a return when all parts win. The advantage of an accumulator is that winnings are much higher than a single bet as an accumulator because of increased risk and harder to predict, only a single selection needs to be lost for the entire bet to lose meaning no return.

When you place an acca the odds of all selections are bundled together in order to calculate the possible returns depending on the stake you have decided to bet.

Why do people place accumulators?

The attraction to accumulators is creating the potential of some remarkable winnings and odds that are very difficult to find on standard match betting.

Another factor is the sheer excitement of having a stake in so many different games which are happening at the same time around the country or even globally. During the football season, on a Saturday afternoon, there can be up to 40 games kicking off at the same time. An accumulator bet can transform those games which are sometimes seen as ‘pointless’  games of interest as they can be the ones you are relying on in order to win.

The thrill of having a crucial goal clinch your accumulator at the last minute is difficult to match in sports betting and this excitement is what makes accumulator betting so popular in football. It is of course popular in other sports too, but it has almost become part and parcel of football culture in recent years.

What sports can you place an accumulator bet on?

Bookmakers offer possible accas on sports such as football, horse racing and tennis but however, some bookmakers may not allow you to combine multiple sports in order to create your accumulator.

Are accumulator bets worth it?

Accas are definitely one of the best forms of betting if you want to lengthen your odds rather than betting a stake on a single bet at shorter odds.

The longer the odds means an increased possible return as this means there is an increased possibility of all selections not going the way you selected.

This way of betting can certainly give the bettor the chance of a big return from a smaller stake but it should always be remembered that the increased number of variables you have chosen makes it difficult to win an accumulator.

Before placing an accumulator you should always research every selection carefully based on things such as statistics and recent form to give you the best chance of winning as the chance of the acca not winning is very high.

Accumulators can definitely be worth it at times but should always be backed with caution as they won’t win regularly because of the probability of multiple outcomes being much higher than a single bet.

What is a 4-fold accumulator bet?

The term ‘4-fold acca’ refers to the number of selections included in the bet and it is the first point of a bet that is referred to as an acca. A bet with just one selection is called a single, two selections, a double and three selections, a treble.

What is the maximum number of selections that you can place on an accumulator?

Some betting sites have a limit of 15 selections that you can place on an accumulator but other bookies have no limit to the number of selections that you can select on an acca.

What is acca insurance and how does it work?

Acca insurance is a popular bonus that betting operators offer. So how does it work? For example, if you did a six-fold of teams to win like Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Everton and Chelsea all to win and one of those teams let you down if the bookie was offering acca insurance and just one of the teams let you down, the bookie would give you your stake back, usually as a free bet.

Our final word on accumulator bets!

Acca’s seem to be the most popular type of bet amongst betting punters. They are generally something you can back with a small stake for a sizeable return. The betting sites also attract people to these types of bets by providing acca related bonuses such as bet boosts and/or acca insurance. If you’ve never tried an acca before they are definitely worth a look especially if you’re playing with small stakes and looking for a decent return on your bet.