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What is a treble bet?

what is a treble bet

What is a treble bet?

A treble bet is where you make three single outright selections, often known as legs, which are combined into one multiple bet.

The treble bet needs all three of the separate selections to be successful for your bet to win.

If one of the three selections is unsuccessful, then the entire treble bet loses. 

All the selections in treble betting must be from separate events, such as three different horse races or three different football matches.

What is an each-way treble bet?

An each-way treble is made up of two separate bets, a win treble and a place treble.

Because you are placing two bets, the stake will be doubled. For example, if you place £5 on an each-way treble, your stake is doubled to £10, £5 for the win part and £5 for the place part.

This is one of the best ways of betting in horse racing.

Why should you place a treble bet?

As a multiple bet, a treble can increase the odds much more than a single or double, which is what has made it such a popular form of bet, but due to the increased odds this brings an increased risk of losing because of the likelihood of all 3 selections being successful.

The Treble bet can be a good option for squeezing more value out of betting on favourites, as returns are higher than if using the same stake spread across three single bets.

Why pick a treble bet over a multiple?

Treble bets, like all football accumulators, are popular with punters because there appears to be decent money to be made from small stakes.

Short-odds single bets on their own offer little (if any) potential reward, so combining them into a Treble bet is understandably more popular because of the increased combined odds it offers compared to those odds on a multiple which means not as much return when placing the same stake.

What sports are the best when placing a treble bet?

A treble bet can be placed on several sports such as football, horse racing and rugby.

When placing a treble you can combine each selection with another sport.

For example one selection can be on a football match and another can be placed on a horse which is racing.

Football is one of the best sports to place a treble bet on as a large number of football games are often on at the same time so therefore you can place a treble on 3 teams which are playing at the same time or even on the same day but at different times.

How are the returns worked on a treble bet?

To demonstrate a treble accumulator style bet, let’s take the example of staking £10 on a bet.

If your bet one has 4/1 single bet odds, your return is £50 (£4 profit for each £1 staked, plus your original stake).

Bet two, at single bet odds of 2/1, produces a return of £150 (£2 profit for each £1 staked = £100, plus your £50 stake money).

Bet three, at single bet odds of 3/1, returns a total profit of £600.

As you can see everything from the previous bet is carried over and reinvested into the next.

However if when placing a treble bet you are unable to work out your returns based on your selections and stake don’t worry.

You can find a treble calculator online which will give you your possible returns if all 3 selections become successful.

What happens to my treble bet if one of my selections is a non runner?

When placing a treble bet on horse racing and one of your horses becomes a non-runner your bet will become a double meaning that your possible returns will be lowered due to a decrease in odds.