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England Rallying Cry.

So here we are, the last 16 of another international tournament and about to face the old enemy at Wembley, many people are still filled with an air of negativity after what others see as a successful group stage of 2 wins and a draw and 3 clean sheets, the draw against a Scotland side who raised their game and played out of their skin (and still couldn’t beat us I may add).

As a 45 year old i’ve seen us in a good few tournaments now, Mexico 86 being the first one I watched and Italia 90 being the first one I got wrapped up in, this was a tournament we did well in and lost to the Germans, then the 1992 European championships are a blur (luckily) as we finished bottom of our group with zero points, the 1994 was USA for the World Cup and do I not like orange then we hit 1996, footballs coming home and what a tournament, pubs were full games on our own turf, smashing Holland, winning a penalty shootout, beating Scotland but once again coming undone against the Germans.

Move on from this and we’ve had foreign managers, the golden era with Beckham and the likes and then lost…again…to the Germans, this time with an element of bullshit after Lampard’s goal was ruled out although it was 5ft over the line, the World Cup of 2018 was great and we did well to get as far as we did but yet again fell at the last (almost) hurdle.

Now on to 2020(21) and the negativity around what we are doing is really starting to be just that, a real negative vibe when in reality we are in fantastic shape, who wants some washed up foreign manager who just wants a payday to try and get us to a tournament win? Not me, I believe Southgate should be given the opportunity and the backing of the nation, he’s a proud Englishman we have a fantastic squad of players, arguably the best in the tournament, no one team has lit up this tournament yet, not one! Italy looked good but when it came to the knockout crunch against Austria they fell off a little.

Let's get behind them.

On Tuesday night we will walk out at Wembley, our national stadium to a crowd of, I believe around 45,000. We will be led out by an England manager who knows only too well what it’s like to lose against the Germans, an England manager who is proud to lead us out, a manager who isn’t just there for a pay packet! Behind him will be a team and squad of some of Europe’s top players, not an aging squad, a squad of players both in their prime and hungry.
We owe Germany a tournament beating and if we can do that we can quite easily progress through the rounds to the final but we aren’t going to do it with a whiff of negativity hanging in the air…
No matter what side is chosen and what tactics are applied lets get behind them, lets give this a real go from the pitch, the terraces, the stands, the pubs in our towns and cities, your garden, your armchair….get your flags out and scarves waving, get your shirts on and fill your hearts with hope…wherever you are, whoever you’re with let’s get behind this England team and let’s bring it home! COME ON ENGLAND, LET’S DO THIS!